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Miss Evers' Boys (1997)

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DetailsMiss Evers' Boys (1997)
GENREDrama, War
DirectorJoseph Sargent
WriterDavid Feldshuh
ActorsAlfre Woodard , Laurence Fishburne , Craig Sheffer , Joe Morton , Obba Babatunde , Von Coulter , Thom Gossom Jr , Ossie Davis , EG Marshall , Robert Benedetti , Peter Stelzer , Donzaleigh Abernathy , Tommy Cresswell , Judson Vaughn , Larry Black
PLOTThe true story of the U.S. Government's 1932 Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, in which a group of black test subjects were allowed to die, despite a cure having been developed.
More DetailsMPAA Rating : PG
Country of Origin: USA
Language: English
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In 1932 Macon County, Alabama, the federal government launched into a medical study called The Tuskegee Study of Untreated Blacks with Syphilis. The study selected 412 men infected with the disease and faked long term treatment, while really only giving them placebos and liniments. The premise of the action was to determine if blacks reacted similar to whites to the overall effects of the disease. The experiment was only discontinued 40 years later when a Senate investigation was initiated. At that time, only 127 of the original study group were left alive. The story is told from the point of view of Nurse Eunice Evers, who was well aware of the lack of treatment being offered, but felt her role was to console the involved men, many of whom were her direct friends. In fact, the movie's name comes from the fact that a performing dancer and three musicians named their act for her - "Miss Evers' Boys". All had the disease. A romance with one goes unrequited even after he joins the Army during World War II and is treated and cured by penicillin. As the result of the Senate investigation, the medical experimentation on humans has been curbed. The survivors of the study did receive treatment and financial compensation after the Senate investigation.

[IMDb Code] : tt0119679 0119679

[Genres] : GenreDrama, GenreWar

[Also Known As] : Miss Evers' Boys, Miss Evers' Boys - Die Gerechtigkeit siegt, Les patients de Mademoiselle Evers, Les patients de Mademoiselle Evers, Miss Evers' Boys - Die Gerechtigkeit siegt, Miss Evers fiai, Il colore del sangue, Chłopcy panny Evers, Дети мисс Эверс, El experimento Tuskegee, Miss Evers löfte, 黑色淚痕, Miss Evers' Boys, Những Người Bạn Của Cô Evers

[Rating Groups] ratedabove7 ratedabove6 ratedabove5 ratedabove4 ratedabove3

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