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Yearly expenses goal


Contributions received: 190 USD • Contribution goal: 3600 USD • Remaining until the goal is met: 3410 USD


Hello movie lovers.


Thank You for sticking with us for almost 10 years and thank you to each person who supported this site so far. you are super kind and awesome.

We had to recently re-enable the donation/vip system since we are facing a significant increase in server costs yet our referral earnings are diminishing. And since we removed all the ads on our site for a long time, we have no other source of income to cover those rising costs.


Currently, we are paying for 3 different offshore servers, 3 domains & multiple monthly subscriptions. The donation goal listed above (3600$) is the yearly sum of all the expenses. 

We will count everything that we'll recieve (including the random referral earnings) to keep this donation goal more relevant & accountable.



You can contribute in many ways. Your name will be listed in our honor list no matter what method you choose.

  1. Paypal & CC are directly available. You'll instantly recieve premium voucher code via your paypal email. This is the best method & we get ~95% of What You Pay (Guaranteed). 
  2. Rapidgator premium referral. you will get redirected to a rapidgator link uploaded by us. After buying a premium account we get 50% of what you pay if the referral is counted.
  3. BTC & other cryptocurrencies. ( BTC, LTC, DODGE, Dash & Lightning network ). ( We get 100% but transaction fees might be high )
  4. Amazon gift cards. send the gift card code to our email and write your username/email in the discription field
  5. Webmoney ( a very good alternative since we directly get 100% of what you send )



If you contribute now, your account will be promoted to a VIP/Donor Member. This will automatically let you:

  • Get an voucher that you could use at any time to buy a premium account.** 
  • You will be able to watch all the movies directly without any limits.
  • Get access to VIP Section where some special movies are posted there.
  • Reveal our growing 4k Movie Links.
  • Can request a movie in the request section & it will get added asap.
  • Bypass all the occational/future ads, banners and shorteners on our site.
  • List your name forever on our Wall of Fame.
  • And most importantly, you'll help us to Keep the site alive for everyone to enjoy. 

** for any method other than paypal, you will get a month for each 10$ we recieve. i.e. u get 3 months voucher if u contributed 30$


Remember that whichever the method of contribution, you will recieve a premium account (in the form of voucher that you could use anytime you want). So, you get a better premium experience (including more bandwidth and streaming capabilities) at nearly half the price of the premium rapidgator account & you help us along the way.


Contribute at least 10 USD for a 3 months VIP/Donor period. the surplus will extend your period @ roughly $3.33 per a month.



Please keep in mind that every single penny we get through referrals & donations are being counted here, & they all go for expenses to keep this site alive and active. Sometimes we put money from our own pocket if the donations are not enough.


We’ll try put more ways in the future, also if you have anything to suggest or have any issues, feel free to post it in this topic or send us a Private Message.


Thank you for your generous support.

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