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The Last of Us (TV Series 2023- )
DetailsThe Last of Us (TV Series 2023- )
GENREAction, Adventure, Drama
WriterNeil Druckmann
ActorsPedro Pascal , Bella Ramsey , Gabriel Luna , Merle Dandridge , Anna Torv , Jeffrey Pierce , Murray Bartlett , Nick Offerman , Nico Parker , Brendan Fletcher , Max Montesi , Natasha Mumba , Gina Louise Phillips , Taylor St Pierre , Jason Burkart
PLOTJoel and Ellie, a pair connected through the harshness of the world they live in, are forced to endure brutal circumstances and ruthless killers on a trek across post-pandemic America.
More DetailsMPAA Rating : TV-MA
Country of Origin: Canada
Language: English
More Info : IMDb Link
Subtitles : YIFYsubtitles , OpenSubtitles

[IMDb Code] : tt3581920 3581920

[Genres] : GenreAction, GenreAdventure, GenreDrama

[Also Known As] : The Last of Us, The Last of Us, The Last of Us, The Last of Us, The Last of Us: Последните оцелели, The Last of Us, The Last of Us, The Last of Us, The Last of Us, The Last of Us, The Last of Us, The Last of Us, Одни из нас, Posledný z nás, Los últimos de nosotros, 最後生還者, Останні з нас, The Last of Us, The Last of Us

[Rating Groups] ratedabove8 ratedabove7 ratedabove6 ratedabove5 ratedabove4 ratedabove3

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