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TGx Resident Evil: Death Island (2023)

All 2023 movies will be posted here

Resident Evil: Death Island (2023) Current Popularity  #481 

Postby ASN » Sun Jul 23, 2023 9:36 am

Resident Evil: Death Island (2023)Image
Samples (click to enlarge)
DetailsResident Evil: Death Island (2023)
GENREAnimation, Action, Adventure
DirectorEiichiro Hasumi
WriterMakoto Fukami
ActorsNicole Tompkins , Kevin Dorman , Stephanie Panisello , Erin Cahill , Salli Saffioti , Daman Mills , Lucien Dodge , Cristina Valenzuela , Frank Todaro , Alejandro Saab , Bob Carter , Isaac RobinsonSmith , Bill Butts , Ryuhei Higashiyama , Ananda Jacobs
PLOTD.S.O. agent Leon S. Kennedy is on a mission to rescue Dr. Antonio Taylor from kidnappers, when a mysterious woman thwarts his pursuit. Meanwhile, B.S.A.A. agent Chris Redfield is investigating a zombie outbreak in San Francisco, where the cause of the infection cannot be identified. The only thing the victims have in common is that they all visited Alcatraz Island re...
More DetailsMPAA Rating : R
Country of Origin: Japan
Language: Japanese, English
More Info : IMDb Link
Subtitles : YIFYsubtitles , OpenSubtitles

[IMDb Code] : tt26674627 26674627

[Genres] : GenreAnimation, GenreAction, GenreAdventure

[Rating Groups] ratedabove6 ratedabove5 ratedabove4 ratedabove3

[Popularity Groups] Top250Popular Top500Popular Top1000Popular Top2000Popular Top3000Popular Top4000Popular Top5000Popular

4k 2160p 4k2160p

ResolutionDownload LinksRelease Info ( WEBDL TGx MKV )
File: Resident.Evil.Death.Island.2023.720p.WEBRip.800MB.x264-GalaxyRG.mkv
Size: 912357348 bytes (870 MiB), duration: 01:30:43, bitrate: 1340 kb/s
Audio: aac (LC), 48000 Hz, stereo, fltp, 640 kb/s (eng)
Video: h264 (High), yuv420p(tv, bt2020nc/bt2020/smpte2084, progressive), 1280x640 [SAR 1:1 DAR 2:1], 7773 kb/s, 23.98 fps(r)
Subtitles: dan (GalaxyRG - Resident.Evil.Death.Island.2023.720p.WEBRip.800MB.x264-GalaxyRG), swe, nor, fin, eng (FULL)
2160P (4K)
File: Resident.Evil.Death.Island.2023.2160p.4K.BluRay.x265.10bit.AAC5.1-YTS.MX.mkv
Size: 4567877265 bytes (4.3 GiB), duration: 01:30:43, bitrate: 6713 kb/s
Audio: aac (LC), 48000 Hz, 5.1, fltp
Video: hevc (Main 10), yuv420p10le(tv, bt709, progressive), 3840x2160 [SAR 1:1 DAR 16:9], 23.98 fps(r)
Subtitles: rum, hdmv_pgs_subtitle

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Re: Resident Evil: Death Island (2023)

Postby repo136 » Fri Jul 28, 2023 8:50 am

I'm using VLC and file not playing for me. Anyone else?
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Re: Resident Evil: Death Island (2023)

Postby Roccat » Sat Jul 29, 2023 2:31 pm

This is the second film that does not play with VLC or MPC the first was Oppenheimer, this has never happened to me before I have been a member of the site for a long time, please can you look into this please why new releases are not playing, many thanks side not I downloaded the 720p one
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