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FBI: International (TV Series 2021- )
DetailsFBI: International (TV Series 2021- )
GENRECrime, Drama
ActorsMissy Peregrym , Zeeko Zaki , Alana De La Garza , Jeremy Sisto , Oded Fehr , Annemarie Lawless , James Chen , Ivica Marc , Kushtrim Hoxha , Jordan Belfi , Alex Brock , Samantha Blaire Cutler , Luke Kleintank , Oleg Kricunova , Christiane Paul
PLOTElite agents of the FBI's International division as they travel the world with the mission of protecting Americans wherever they may be.
More DetailsCountry of Origin: USA
Language: English
More Info : IMDb Link
Subtitles : YIFYsubtitles , OpenSubtitles

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, one of the world's foremost security and crime-fighting forces, is charged with protecting all Americans. In addition to its investigative functions domestically, the FBI also works across the globe. FBI: International follows a team of elite agents from the FBI's International Division with the mission of keeping Americans safe wherever they may be.

[IMDb Code] : tt14449470 14449470

[Genres] : GenreCrime, GenreDrama

[Also Known As] : FBI: International, ФБР: За границей, FBI: International

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