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House (2004)

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House (2004)

Postby ASN » Mon Jul 11, 2016 10:29 pm

House (2004)


Details :
[RATING] ===== [ 8.8/10 from 303,561 Votes ]
[GENRE] ===== [ Drama | Mystery ]
[STARS] ===== [ Hugh Laurie, Omar Epps, Robert Sean Leonard, Jesse Spencer, Lisa Edelstein, Bobbin Bergstrom, Jennifer Morrison, Peter Jacobson, Olivia Wilde ]
[PLOT] ===== [ An antisocial maverick doctor who specializes in diagnostic medicine does whatever it takes to solve puzzling cases that come his way using his crack team of doctors and his wits. ]

Country : Image ( USA )

More Info : Image IMDb Link

Subtitles : SubScene | OpenSubtitles

Available Full Seasons : 480p


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Re: House (2004)

Postby 01061965 » Fri Aug 19, 2016 5:04 pm

All the links are down.
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House 2004

Postby NikosRal » Wed Oct 26, 2016 2:44 pm

House MD is the only series I'm watching in the television - that says more than anything I could say
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Re: House 2004

Postby de crust » Tue Apr 16, 2019 4:06 am

NikosRal wrote:House MD is the only series I'm watching in the television - that says more than anything I could say

oh man. thnx for 'sayn' it, so well!
so much so---SO, right on de head.
House MD. can't....prolly won't again...
do better. :(
de crust
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